15km Biathlon, 55th Place

Like many of you, I have been watching the Winter Olympics.  I’ve not been glued to the TV, but I like the winter version because it exposes us to events we don’t see very often.  How frequently do we get to see grown men/women yelling at a 40 lb. curling stone?  How regularly do we get to watch people sled 90 mph on ice?

Through all of the Olympics, big stories have emerged.  People have won medals and their stories have been pasted across the internet and shown extensively on the Olympics programming.  The winners get the press and air time.

The Biathlon is an intriguing event to me because it starts with the tough, aerobic work of cross-country skiing.  Then the athlete has to stop, control their breathing, and hit small targets with a rifle.

I ran across the name of Sara Studebaker.  Don’t know much about her, other than she is my oldest son’s age and I like her last name.  And she took 55th place in the 15km Biathlon.  The 15km event is a long way – about 9.3 miles.  So here is someone who put in tons of training and time and effort – to get 55th place in a grueling but skilled race.  Not much fanfare and recognition for 55th place.  Not too much press coverage for 55th place.

To be selected for any event in the Olympics is an honor.  Sara and many others are getting a chance to compete for their country.  Sara got a 44th, 51st, and 55th place in the events she completed. I’m thinking my life is a lot more like Sara Studebaker’s life.

Most of us receive some recognition and we have some skills, but we’re not medal stand people.  We’re proud of what we can accomplish, but most of our lives are a mix of the grind of the ski and some thrills in hitting targets.  We are 15km Biathlon, 55th place people.  And that’s OK.

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