Word for the Year – 2016

Over the holidays, the city of Sioux Falls transforms Falls Park into a “Winter Wonderland.”  There are lights and lighted decorations on most of the trees and buildings and flood lights turn the waterfalls into vibrant colors.

It was great to see this through the eyes of my 3-year old granddaughter.  We drove through the park slowly and she was taking it all in, but insisted we get out and walk to see the lights more closely.

When we got out of the car, you could hear the Christmas music.
“Papa, the trees are singing.”  Sure sounded like it.
“The water is so beautiful.  How do they make the colors?”  I pointed out the floodlights that illuminate the falls.
“It would take a lot of people to take these lights down.”  Yep, it sure would.
“How do they get lights on the tall trees?”  We decided a big ladder or truck with a bucket.
“Let’s walk across the bridge to the other side.”  Even though we were both shivering, she just couldn’t stop.

After another look at the water, we got back into the car and as we were leaving the park she saw the Sioux Falls Cathedral.
“Is that a castle?  Can we go see it?”

So I drove to the street below the Cathedral and she asked, “Who lives in that castle?
“Well, it’s a church so people don’t live in there.”
“Do you think there are angels up there?”
“Way up in the top.”

The word the that came to me was awe.  Thousands of lights, colorful waterfalls, singing trees, and a castle with angels – created awe for my granddaughter.

So that’s my word for 2016 – awe.  Be in awe of nature and things of the world.  Be in awe of the gifts we have been given.  Be in awe of simple things.  Be in awe for how much a 3- year old can teach me.

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  1. Love this and love little ones who see things we used to see, but don’t any more. Praise God for those special messengers.

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