Bruce's Books

Bruce's newest book It's Not My Problem...Or Is It? From Nudge to Nonprofit, is now available!

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Mighty Winds and Gentle Whispers

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Simply GraceĀ 

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Children's Book Turtle Bay: Baie Tortue

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Haiti Alive

Haiti Alive is a nonprofit organized to serve God and to bring hope, health, and happiness to the people on the island of LaGonave, Haiti. We convey the message of Christ through the areas of education, healthcare, and ministering to those in need, especially women, children, and the elderly.

To go directly to the Haiti Alive website, click below.

Parsonage Parables

What started as a way to connect with family on memories from growing up in a parsonage, this blog evolved to my random reflections. From family, to experiences, to things around us, to God - I try to learn and reflect on life.