July to December 2018

In Our Way

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I made a goal of riding 60 miles on my bike for my 60th birthday. So I picked out the morning where it was forecasted to have light winds and set off around the bike trail. I wasn’t feeling the best that morning, hadn’t ridden for over a week, and was starting to sort out […]

July to Dec 2016

The Path

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This summer I’ve enjoyed getting on my bike more regularly. There is a nice bike trail near where we live and it is a 19-mile loop around the city. There are several things I like about the trail. It follows a river and has some good scenery.  It’s fairly level. Often I see birds and […]

Jan Feb March 2015

No Right Way

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I don’t believe in the right way to do something. My kids just think I’m messed up. Most people just don’t know or realize. Let me explain. I’m left-handed and right-handed.  I eat and write left-handed, but sports or activities I learned as a kid I do right-handed.  So I throw and bat right-handed, shoot […]