Parsonage Parables

Prepare Him Room

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Soon it will be Christmas. Time for lots of things, including memories and traditions. Most families have recollections of their holidays – some great, some not so great. Remember the Reader’s Digest Christmas trees? You would meticulously fold all the pages, spray paint it gold, and afterwards — it looked like a really horrible gold […]

July to December 2018

Rock Wall

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This past week our youngest son was married. It was an enjoyable week of preparation and so grateful to be able to spend time with our kids, friends, and family. One day before the wedding, I went to the store to buy some items and received a call from my daughter-in-law-to-be. She needed some brown […]

July to Dec 2017

A Home

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The house I grew up in was a parsonage. Which means the church provides a home to their pastor and is where the family lives. Today there are size standards and other requirements. Our house would fit in the garage of most other parsonages today. This house is the cover photo on my book Parsonage […]

July to December 2015

Reminders and the #TourdeRob

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My brother cut down a cedar tree and sent pictures because the smell reminded him of our grandparents. Years ago they had cedar trees that needed to be taken down. Dad had the trees cut into boards and those were made into clocks, boxes, and other items. Cedar reminds me of my grandparent’s farm. Flower […]

April May June 2015

Elementary School Days

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My education doesn’t actually stretch back to a sod building or a one-room schoolhouse but it seems long ago. Here are a few random memories of my Elementary School Days: It was a privilege to smack the chalkboard erasers after school. The long ones made a lot more noise than the small black ones. I […]

Jan Feb March 2015

My Home Town

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Everyone has a home town.  I grew up in Clear Lake, SD which has a lake that ironically it is not very clear.   Here are some of the random memories from my home town: Mangel’s Hardware had a toy section. The lights were single bulbs on pull strings and the owners would “light the way” by […]

Oct Nov Dec 2014


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Since this Friday’s post is on Halloween Day, I was thinking about memorable Halloweens. As a kid in a small town in South Dakota, we’d start early and get more candy than a human should consume in a year. I remember one night the bag was so full it ripped and spilled onto the street.   […]

April, May, June 2014

Thinking Back, Not Way Back

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It hit me the other day, many of my blog posts are from my childhood and none have been from the experiences of our own children.  I think there are three reasons.  One, I’m old so my memory skips from back to way back.  Two, I’m still traumatized by their teenage and college years.  Three, […]

March 2014

And It Was Huge

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We had this awesome playing field between the house and the church.  We played football, baseball, and tons of other games and it was huge.  We had an upstairs bedroom with tons of room to play.   There was a staircase that we used to slide down on pillows and it was huge.  We had the […]