Parsonage Parables

Accepting Gifts

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I currently work for Girl Scouts. You are probably aware that Girl Scouts sell cookies. A LOT of cookies. You may not be aware that only girls can sell these cookies and that there is a cookie “season” and the cookies are only sold during that time period. It’s a huge program and I do […]

July to Dec 2016

The Values We Should Value

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We often value the wrong things. The superstar who gives a large donation that gains press and outshines the widow who makes truly sacrificial gifts. Putting value in time on the job over time with family. Buying more and more and more things. Who should we value, who should we respect?  Many are people that […]

July to December 2015

Reminders and the #TourdeRob

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My brother cut down a cedar tree and sent pictures because the smell reminded him of our grandparents. Years ago they had cedar trees that needed to be taken down. Dad had the trees cut into boards and those were made into clocks, boxes, and other items. Cedar reminds me of my grandparent’s farm. Flower […]

Oct Nov Dec 2014

That’s Not Fair

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Remember a time when your kids or your siblings or your friend said, “That’s not fair.”  It was usually related to something substantive like someone got a bigger piece of cake. I was watching a news story on a child with cancer and thought that’s REALLY not fair.   So what is really not fair? When your […]

Dec 2013

Doesn’t Match

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Heard someone on radio say that is like trying to put a Band-Aid over a bullet hole.  While that may be a graphic image, it reminded me of a couple times where the help may not have fit perfectly. Dad was always looking for projects and heard about making a table with the base made […]