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Tell Me Your Story #2

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Thirst No More It had been a busy season of teaching, attending seminary, and serving in various ministries. I felt drained physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was thirsty for rest. For three years, I had said no to my friend’s invitation to travel to Uganda through AsOne Ministries. This time I felt God whisper, “Go, abide […]

July to December 2018

In Our Way

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I made a goal of riding 60 miles on my bike for my 60th birthday. So I picked out the morning where it was forecasted to have light winds and set off around the bike trail. I wasn’t feeling the best that morning, hadn’t ridden for over a week, and was starting to sort out […]

July to Dec 2017

Why Do You Help?

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A week ago, I was part of a team that drove to Houston to help with the flood relief efforts. Let me begin with recognizing Cypress United Methodist Church in Cypress, TX (northwest Houston), who showed us incredible hospitality. Their pastors, staff, and the church have committed a tremendous amount of resources in hosting teams, […]

July to December 2015

Katrina + 10

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina made her destructive presence known to the coast. There are many articles and stories about the storm right now and what was done in the aftermath of the devastation. At the time, I was part of an organization that was to have their […]

April, May, June 2014

Missed Opportunities

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I was visiting a large city for a conference and decided to go out for a morning walk. A scruffy man was walking toward me and I forgot that I wasn’t in the Dakotas and gave him a cheery, “Good Morning!” He stopped and said, “Thank you and good morning to you.” I was feeling […]

Jan 2014

Why Not Me?

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I’ve come to a realization.  I’m going to die.  Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m not hoping to die or making plans but I, like all of you, are going to die.  Because I’m incredibly strange, I find this simple realization to be energizing.  It means I need to lead a better life […]

Dec 2013

Doesn’t Match

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Heard someone on radio say that is like trying to put a Band-Aid over a bullet hole.  While that may be a graphic image, it reminded me of a couple times where the help may not have fit perfectly. Dad was always looking for projects and heard about making a table with the base made […]