Parsonage Parables

The Coronavirus Movie

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This past few weeks have seemed like a movie, but somehow I’m in it. Every day the situation changes, there’s new actors and the script changes. We’re using phrases like social distancing, with distances that get continually farther and for longer periods of time. Children are not in schools. Sports teams are shut down. Businesses […]

Jan to June 2018

Still, Small Voice

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or on a Sabbath from social media, you’ve probably heard about the Yanny & Laurel debate. It’s an electronically produced voice, saying a word and some hear Yanny and some people hear the word Laurel. The science behind it is the two words have surprisingly similar sound waves […]

July to Dec 2017

Rounding the Corner

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I was in Nashville for meetings and found a walking trail that surrounded a golf course. A very nice, wide trail that also goes through the woods and crosses a meandering creek. It is a neat path with many bikers, runners, and walkers. The first day I started walking and got to a point where […]

Jan to June 2017

Being Alone, Alive

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Everyone spends part of their lives alone. Even in the midst of the busiest cities, even when surrounded by people, we can be alone. Starting a job where I work out of our home and travel, I’ve been spending more time alone. It’s different. It’s not that I have much to complain about – it’s […]

July to Dec 2016

There’s Change Brewin’ Ahead

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Have you noticed how much we talk about the weather?  After the hello’s, it’s usually the first thing we talk about. “Can you believe this beautiful fall weather?” “Got enough snow for you?” “Really need a rain.” (Said like we’ve been a farmer all our life and just returned from a soil moisture test) If […]

July to December 2015

The End is Near?

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Heard a speaker that was predicting the end times.  He emphatically listed all the signs that the apocalypse is near: wars, violence, political decisions, rise in dangerous groups, lack of religious beliefs, and so on. My reaction to these predictors and predictions is – so what?  If you believe the world is ending and you’re […]

July Aug Sept 2014

Fear, Part Deux

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I like reading Malcolm Gladwell because he looks at situations from a unique angle or viewpoint.  In his latest book, David and Goliath, he talks about the concept of “remote misses.”  In World War II, the Germans bombed London incessantly. Forty thousand people were killed and a million buildings were leveled or damaged.  Psychiatric hospitals […]

April, May, June 2014


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Mom has always been an avid reader. She also has a fear of snakes. So in my younger years I would cut out pictures of snakes and slip them into books she was reading and then wait for the inevitable scream. I also put a plastic mouse in the oven to scare her, but found […]