Parsonage Parables

The Boy Hikers

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One of the first chapter books I remember reading as a kid was The Boy Hikers. It was a book given to my dad by my grandmother and was a book that he read several times as a boy. For some reason, I was thinking about the book, dad knew where it was, and I […]

Jan to June 2018

Autism – Moments of Relief

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On a recent vacation, we went to an evening of Caribbean music. They played fun, recognizable songs and the musicians engaged with the audience. A couple walked in with their teenage daughter. At first, I thought she was blind, as she had a tight grip on her dad’s forearm, but realized soon she likely had […]

Jan to June 2017

Rain Gauge Dads

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In my hometown, my dad was part of a coffee group. It was made up of men from this small town who met, I’m sure, to solve the world’s problems.  The coffee klatch included our neighbor who was a lawyer. After a rain, my dad would sneak over and put a bit of water in […]

Jan to June 2016

Humble Servant

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My father, Boyd Blumer, started from humble beginnings.  The farm where he grew up was modest, farming less than one section of land to feed a family of seven.  He began his education in a one-room school house that he walked or rode horse to and from (allegedly in waist deep snow, uphill, in 80 […]

April May June 2015

Just Finish

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One of my dad’s favorite stories is of his days as a runner for Westmar College.  His most famous track meet was held at the University of South Dakota where he ran the two-mile race.  At the sound of the gun, he got out to a fast start and even led the race for the […]

Oct Nov Dec 2014

Pancakes and Snowy Days

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When I was a kid I had a Sunday paper route which, for the most part, I really enjoyed. I liked walking around in the quiet morning before most people were awake.  But one of my fondest memories was on really cold, snowy days dad would pick up my brother and me and we’d go […]

July Aug Sept 2014

Canoe Trip

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When we were middle school age, somehow dad finagled a canoe trip in northern Minnesota for my older brother, dad, and me.  He bought caps that were green, blue, and red with big white polka dots.  Not sure if dad was making a fashion statement or he didn’t want to lose us on the lakes. […]