2018 in a Word

Again this year, I posted this on Facebook – If you could describe your 2018 in one word, what would that word be? I realize it is difficult to capture 365 days and a multitude of experiences in one word, but I find it interesting. I am making a lot of judgments on making categories again, but here’s my summary.

The word with the most responses was six with Blessed. It was a positive year for four others who posted Amazing, Miraculous, Abundant, Grateful.

There was Adventure, Exciting, Memorable, Destinations, and Enlightening, so there were obviously notable moments in their year.

The next level seemed to be Better, Mixed, Interesting – so 2018 was obviously a combo platter for some.

Unfortunately, some categorized this year as Stressful, two said Challenging, Hard, and Dung (which I’m going to interpret figuratively, not literally).

Knowing a bit about the people that posted these – it was a year of overcoming for a group who listed Warrior, Kidney Stones (which I am interpreting literally), Healing, and Free.

The reality is that life happens with things in and very much out of our control. My prayer is that your 2019 moves up a category and that you avoid a year of kidneys stones and dung.

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