Anticipation and Preparation

Often we hear that Advent is the season of waiting but I think we need to refer to Advent as the season of anticipation and preparation.

Do you like waiting in line at the grocery store?  Maybe you enjoy waiting at the doctor’s office? How about the security line at an airport? Or to use the porta potty or restroom? I hate waiting. I’ll waste hours of time, just not to wait. Waiting almost always has a negative tone.

Anticipation is different than waiting. It’s anticipation of leaving for a vacation. Anticipation of a child coming home. Anticipation of a family celebration. It’s expectant and optimistic.

Preparation is getting ready, but it’s thoughtful. Preparing for a dinner party is getting ready for enjoying the company of others. Preparing for a job interview is work, but it’s hopeful. Preparing for someone to visit, is anticipation so exciting that we decide it’s actually time to dust.

My hope for all of us is to anticipate and prepare for Advent.

In anticipation of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace we prepare the wreath, a sign of eternity, and place in the wreath, the four candles of Advent.

In anticipation of “Come though Long- Expected Jesus” we sing songs and prepare him room.

In anticipation of a Messiah, we prepare gatherings and decorate our homes, but we also plan times of reading and reflection.

In our journey of Advent, my hope is we choose presence over presents and to enjoy the season of anticipation and preparation.

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