Be Grateful Today

This past week, as we have gotten closer to Thanksgiving, there have been conversations about eating and favorites. Turkey, green-bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and pie are always high on my “looking forward to eating” list.

When I think back to my childhood, our regular meals were pretty modest. Growing up as a preacher’s kid, I have also attended an inordinate number of potlucks. I’ve eaten enough hot-dishes and Jell-O salad for two lifetimes. My mom will deny this, but she used to mix cereal as the box was nearing empty status. The Wheaties, Cheerios, Captain Crunch, and Apple Jacks blend was not my favorite. She also tried mixing powdered milk with regular milk. You weren’t fooling anyone, mom.

Our doctor from Haiti, Dr. William, has been visiting in the United States. I drove to pick him up and bring him to our house, as I wanted him to experience Thanksgiving with our family. In a conversation this past week, he was eating at a Pizza Ranch and after asking my favorite kind of pizza, he said, “You sure have a lot of food in this country.”

Isn’t that the truth? Most of us have never been truly hungry. In fact, most of us will throw more food away today than many, many, many people will eat.

So today, when you arouse from your tryptophan-induced coma and have had enough pumpkin pie that you’re turning a lovely shade of orange-brown, remember to be grateful for the things you have to eat. But also remember those who are on the “simply looking forward to eating” list.

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  1. Your words are so true. I didn’t know Bruce that you and my kids had the mixing of cereals and the powdered milk story in common. I tried many ways to make the budgets stretch. ❤️

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