Enjoy a Story, Share a Story

What happens when a child or grandchild does something funny? What happens when a spouse or coworker does something stupid?  What happens when you have terrible travel connections?  We tell a story!

We are “hard-wired” for story.  It’s how we make sense of the world, it’s how we explain and understand, and it’s how we entertain each other.

Think about the commercial that comes on TV with the shaking dog or the fly-ridden child. We open our checkbooks because they have hooked us into a story.  Think of a book you couldn’t put down. You got wrapped up in the characters and their story. The amazing thing is that the stories can be real or imaginary. It makes little difference. We get impacted by story.

It starts early.  How many of you can recite stories told to you as children? There was a story my dad told to me as a child, that I have told to my kids and now to my grandchildren and it’s about a little raindrop. Basically, it’s a story of a raindrop that’s afraid to jump off the cloud. His family would tell of where they fell that particular day and then they’d look at The Little Raindrop and he’d say, “Tomorrow.”  Not to give the story away, but eventually the raindrop does something good that makes himself and his family proud.

My wife and son had the idea of “buy a book, give a book” to a child in Haiti.  So we’ve created a children’s storybook, Even a Little Raindrop. The words to the book are written in English and in Haitian Creole.  We are working on printing the books to have them ready for families here before Christmas, and to be able to bring the gift books to Haiti in January.  When feasible, we’d love to have people sign or write encouraging messages in the books they gifted to Haiti.

Our hope is that you’ll enjoy a story and share a story.




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