Peace and Joy

It was time to register, so travel they did
Even the family with a pregnant woman
Looking for a place to give birth to a first-born son
One who would bring Peace and Joy

Even the shepherds were afraid
But the angels said good news
Could be found in a manger bed
All within a tiny baby was Peace and Joy

“Let’s go,” said the shepherds
And see for ourselves
This promise of hope.
This promise of Peace and Joy

In a stable, wrapped he lay
One to be named Emmanuel
One to be named Jesus
One to convey Peace and Joy

They were amazed and they praised
They announced what they had seen
Glory to God and among those of us
Peace on earth and Joy among all

So Advent comes around each year
To remind us that we can believe
In one so small, so meek, so mild
Delivering Peace and Hope again and again

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