Places Away

Sitting along a mountain-fed creek, I was listening to the rushing water, the sound of birds, and thought, what a place of peace. Later, I overheard a couple talking about hiking in a nature area and how special it was for them.

There are other spots where I’ve felt are places away, a special place of harmony or escape.

  • One of our church camps
  • Quiet mornings on the deck with a cup of coffee
  • Watching birds
  • Walks in fields or forests
  • In my kayak in the middle of a lake
  • On a bike ride with the wind rushing out other sounds

Making the rounds on social media were people posting two simple words, Me Too. It is to raise awareness of the issue of sexual harassment and assault. It was overwhelming to see friends, acquaintances, and strangers step forward. It was crushing to see the visible display of the scale and magnitude of this issue.

Most distressing for me was, for many, there was or is not a place of peace, harmony, and trust.

I am in awe of those who found a way through. I am thankful for those brave enough to step forward, in hopes of helping and connecting to others. I pray for lights to continue to shine into ugly corners. I hope for places away.

One thought on “Places Away

  1. My friend, you do your part in many ways by allowing sacred space in this blog for this issue and others. I wish that the church— our church— provided safety on this arena. It hasn’t and doesn’t. But, we can attempt to do better and be better than we have been in the past. Thank you for this parsonage parable. Nicely written. DB-K

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