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Sell the Combine

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I have been thinking about the word community. We all live within different communities, and not just talking about where we physically live. That’s one community, but we have the community of our family, our work community, church community, social media community, and you can think of others. Starting as a Chaplain, the medical community […]

Jan to June 2017


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I attended a meeting in Chicago and we had an evening meal with a local church that has seen its neighborhood change.  Like many congregations, the choices are adapt or fail.  This small congregation has decided to embrace refugee and immigrant families and reformat its future. After sharing a meal together, families from different continents […]

April, May, June 2014

Seeking Community

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I believe we all seek community. Dad and mom talk about the community getting together during harvest time to help each other. When I was growing up, the church and school were pretty much the only game in town so much of what happened in our life, happened there. When our kids were involved in […]

Jan 2014

Calling Around the Community

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 I think we have an innate need to peer into other people’s lives.  Some of it is healthy.  We see activities and interests of our neighbors and friends and we compare.  But some of it is unhealthy. Why do paparazzi exist?  Why do we see photos of intimate or compromising situations of famous and not […]