Jan to June 2017

Being Alone, Alive

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Everyone spends part of their lives alone. Even in the midst of the busiest cities, even when surrounded by people, we can be alone. Starting a job where I work out of our home and travel, I’ve been spending more time alone. It’s different. It’s not that I have much to complain about – it’s […]

Oct Nov Dec 2014

It’s About Time

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Here are some times I have thought about time. When I was about eleven years old, I distinctly remember calculating the number of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds to the year 2000 (30 / 10,950 / 262,800 / 15,768,000 / 944,080,000 respectively). I wondered what it would be like to be that old and […]

Dec 2013

Best Christmas Tree Ever

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My first teaching job was in a sixth grade class that had, well, let’s say an interesting collection of personalities.  Great kids, full of life and energy, sometimes in excess.  When Christmas season came about, they kept asking when I was going to get a tree up in the classroom. Being my first year of […]