July to December 2018

Who Is The Driver?

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I’ve driven a lot of miles for jobs that I’ve held. In a past position, I averaged over 30,000 miles a year. My current position, I don’t travel that many miles but I end up driving in many of the major metropolitan areas. Because I need something to do, I play the game – who […]

Jan to June 2016


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I have the spiritual gift of skepticism. Now it’s not all bad.  It served me well as a middle school principal. When dealing with discipline situations, I found it was good to be a bit skeptical.  You have to see the truth interwoven through stories and perspectives. And that’s just the parents. Awhile back, I […]

April, May, June 2014

Locked In

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When we’d visit our grandparents in North Dakota, there was one item that I was locked in on finding – Grandpa’s pith helmet.  Adventures seem bigger when you wear a pith helmet.  At grandma’s house in Kansas we’d lock in on a set of blocks where you could mix or match the face, torso, and […]