Locked In

When we’d visit our grandparents in North Dakota, there was one item that I was locked in on finding – Grandpa’s pith helmet.  Adventures seem bigger when you wear a pith helmet.  At grandma’s house in Kansas we’d lock in on a set of blocks where you could mix or match the face, torso, and legs of people/animals.

When our kids would go to my parent’s house they would inevitably find two things.  One was a small cube that had buttons to blare obnoxious sounds.  Another was a camera and the flash would always go off.  So for the duration of the visit it was sounds of “machine gun fire” or “bombs dropping” or “space alien invasion” mixed with paparazzi blindness.

There are times in my life I seem pretty locked in and others when I’m pretty random.  I’m not a collector or someone that has to have every piece from every year from everywhere.  But if I get an idea of something I want, I pretty much push the rest of the world aside.

I was focused on finishing a masters, doctorate, and fundraising certification.  But my career and outside interests have been fairly eclectic.

So I’m not sure I’m locked in or not.  Maybe I need to wear the pith helmet more often.


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