July to December 2018

Navigating Our Worlds

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For the past several years, I’ve worked with church-affiliated organizations. I’m now working with a non-profit that is not religiously or church affiliated. It is a great non-profit that has multi-faceted programming and empowerment activities for girls, but simply not a religious-based organization. In my new world, we have gone to lunch a couple times […]

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It’s Tough Being Three

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There are a couple phrases I’ve used.  The first is what I’ve been telling my three year old granddaughter – “It’s tough being three.”  For those that think it’s the “Terrible Two’s” haven’t had a three year old.  They are much more independent, have better language skills, know exactly what they want and don’t want, […]

Jan 2014

Grandma B

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Grandma Blumer and I always had a special relationship.  I think it was a matter of fit.  She was a Norwegian that spent her lifetime trying to fit into a German community.  I am a middle child and like many middle kids we’re pretty convinced we don’t fit into our family and even though we […]