July to Dec 2016

I’m a Lousy Fisherman

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I’m a lousy fisherman. And I don’t care. The problem is, when you catch one – it’s a fish. Buying a boat and spending hundreds of dollars on tackle (and don’t get me started on ice fishing) for something that I don’t want to eat anyway?  So I don’t have any interest in investing the […]

Oct Nov Dec 2014

Watermelon Glass Experiences

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A number of years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Colorado. We saw some glasses in a shop that had watermelons imprinted completely around the glass.  We bought them as a nice reminder of our trip and for years we simply called them the watermelon glasses. One summer day I asked my […]

April, May, June 2014

Thinking Back, Not Way Back

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It hit me the other day, many of my blog posts are from my childhood and none have been from the experiences of our own children.  I think there are three reasons.  One, I’m old so my memory skips from back to way back.  Two, I’m still traumatized by their teenage and college years.  Three, […]