I’m a Lousy Fisherman

I’m a lousy fisherman. And I don’t care. The problem is, when you catch one – it’s a fish. Buying a boat and spending hundreds of dollars on tackle (and don’t get me started on ice fishing) for something that I don’t want to eat anyway?  So I don’t have any interest in investing the time or money in becoming a fisherman.

Years ago I took our sons fishing at a local lake and after an hour of watching our bobbers, changing lures, and wondering where the fish might be, our youngest son caught a stick.  Not to be out done, our older son put on a bigger hook and more weight to catch himself a bigger stick.  The duel was on.

They caught themselves some wonderful sticks. The problem was judging the best stick. Was it the longest stick? The one with the most moss? Or was it simply a matter of catching the most number of sticks? The argument was on.

I was sitting on the bank enjoying the sounds of the birds along the lake, the sounds of the breeze through the trees, and the sounds of stick arguments. It makes me think about how we invest our time.

Could I spend time reading, studying, watching, asking, and practicing fishing?  Sure. So we make choices on how we spend our time with pointed and pointless activities. I guess my point is, try a lot of things but it’s OK to cast many of those things aside (pun intended).

In the midst of discovery, you may find out what you truly love. Mine is listening to birds, wind, and arguments.

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