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What is the Holy Spirit?

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I’ve been working on a book about the Holy Spirit, because I think the Holy Spirit is the least understood aspect of God. In the Trinity, we’re pretty familiar with God as God or the Father, we’re pretty familiar with Jesus, God as the Son. But the Holy Spirit? Simon Ponsonby, author of And the […]

Jan to June 2017

Trust, Hope, Promise

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Our weather hasn’t really decided which season it is in, so it’s giving us all four. All these daily changes made me think about the years that I delivered newspapers. The day started early and began by counting out the newspapers and loading the bags strapped across both shoulders. Even though it is many years […]

July to December 2015

A Personal Struggle

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There is something that I’ve struggled with most of my life. It is something I haven’t talked about much with my family and surely haven’t written about this issue. There are times that it has been worse than others. When we lived in Aberdeen it was particularly difficult. No matter where I go it tends […]