Parsonage Parables

Imago Dei

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In my previous job, I traveled extensively across the U.S. Lately, I’ve been having flashbacks on places that I’ve visited. Parks and buildings and sites that I have seen. Many that I can’t place. I have vivid images, but not sure of the locations of many of these images. Probably could go back to my […]

Jan to June 2018

Twenty Peso Bill

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Some of you know I’m writing a book. The working title is Simply Grace: Everyday Glimpses from God. The manuscript is due in August and the book to come out in 2019. This has slowed my Friday Posts to every other week and will try to maintain that schedule. While in the midst of reading, […]

July to December 2015

Why I Write

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In junior high my English teacher moved me to the dummy class because I refused to diagram sentences. She said it was the only way anyone could become a good writer. I attempted to fulfill her prophecy and didn’t write a thing of substance for years. When I was in high school, I took a […]