Why I Write

In junior high my English teacher moved me to the dummy class because I refused to diagram sentences. She said it was the only way anyone could become a good writer. I attempted to fulfill her prophecy and didn’t write a thing of substance for years.

When I was in high school, I took a typing course (ya, I know I’m old) and we had free-types. We could basically make up stories or anything we wanted during these times. The teacher asked me to stay after class one day to tell me she felt I had a real gift for writing. Well, I did everything I could to write the best, funniest, or most interesting free-types she’d ever seen.

So the English teacher creamed my interest in writing and a typing teacher ignited it. Hmmm. Still think diagramming sentences is the stupidest thing ever created and believe it has absolutely no connection to creative writing.

So why do I write? I’ve had some great influencers. At 80+ my dad continues to be a gifted preacher and connected me to parables and story. Mom is a voracious reader – you need to check out her reading list, it’s a novel of novels.

I like the process of writing. I usually start with a basic idea or illustration, but I rarely know how it’s going to end or what point I’ll make. It is fun to see the ideas and direction appear – it’s almost like lifting up rocks and finding something unexpected. It helps me organize my continual random thoughts and observations and has allowed me to express joy, pain, perspective, and experiences.

Often I’ll start a story and it doesn’t go anywhere so I let it rest. Going on a long bike ride or walk seems to help me put the fragments together. Sometimes the pieces fit together, sometimes it sits awhile, and sometimes it remains a start with no finish. When people say that I’m a good writer, I feel like that’s only partly true. I seem to be able to capture small stories to make a point, but not sure I could write a book or something more complex.

Parsonage Parables began by the encouragement of someone on Facebook when I began posting a few stories. My original goal was one year of weekly posts and now I’m closing in on 100 almost-weekly posts. It’s made me more aware of small things. It’s allowed me to connect with friends and family. It’s provided me a nice writing outlet.

Not sure where my blog/writing will go, but why do I write?  Because I would hate to disappoint my twelve loyal readers.

4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I’m one of the “twelve”!! I look forward to, and enjoy your posts very week. Keep up the good work my friend!!

  2. Ok, 13 readers. Love Fridays when I get to read your little stories. Thank you. Enjoy them and your thoughts. How is Sioux Falls treating you. Tell Sharon “hi”.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a typing teacher, please don’t quit. I so look forward to your insights…. it causes me to do my own reflecting… and I say thank you for that.

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