The Coronavirus Movie

This past few weeks have seemed like a movie, but somehow I’m in it. Every day the situation changes, there’s new actors and the script changes.

We’re using phrases like social distancing, with distances that get continually farther and for longer periods of time. Children are not in schools. Sports teams are shut down. Businesses are sending continual emails and are adapting and some are not open. Workers working from home or not working at all. Policies and procedures are written, adapted, and rewritten and readapted. What was decided two days ago seems like ancient history.

It just feels unreal. It feels like it can’t be happening. It feels like a bad, scary movie.

Some are dreaming up conspiracies and scenarios. Some feel it is an overreaction. Then it just gets bigger and bigger.

And in the midst is fear. Simply fear.
Fear fills carts with toilet paper
Fear causes precipitous drops in the stock market
Fear escalates anger against those who are vulnerable
Fear is an easy partner in the unknown

There will be a time when this will all pass. The credits will roll and the movie will end.

We will look back and see mistakes. It’s easy to point fingers and assign blame when looking in the rear view mirror. In the midst we will have seen incredible generosity and indefensible greed. We will see unselfish care and callous ignorance. We will be part of dark days and rainbow moments.

All I know is we will be different. Hopefully a better version of different. And pray there is no sequel.


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