There’s Change Brewin’ Ahead

Have you noticed how much we talk about the weather?  After the hello’s, it’s usually the first thing we talk about.
“Can you believe this beautiful fall weather?”
“Got enough snow for you?”
“Really need a rain.” (Said like we’ve been a farmer all our life and just returned from a soil moisture test)

If you’ve ever been to San Diego or other areas south of here, it’s really not as much a part of the conversation.  Why would it be?
“Boy, what a change! It was 74 degrees yesterday and 73.8 degrees today.”
“My, it looks like a cloud might be moving in.”

It’s the constant change in weather and the changes in our seasons.  Right now it’s the geese beginning to make their move. The V’s crossing the sky and the honks of encouragement for the long flight, lets us know something is ahead.

Having just survived one of the most contentious political seasons of many people’s recollections, it seems there are certainly indications of change brewin’ ahead. The divisiveness of language, the intensity of feelings, the fear real and imagined, and polarization of friends and family gives us pause.

I think it’s time to be a little more San Diego and little less South Dakota. A bit more even and steady.  Time to focus on what we share in common. Time to be more even-keeled in our words (and social media posts) and our actions.

There’s already enough tough weather in our lives.  Let’s honk some encouragement for the long flight.

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