Touch Points

When I was a child, my brother and I stayed with our grandparents on a farm in North Dakota.  There was a small, public swimming pool in the closest town and we would go for a dip when visiting in the summer. On this particular trip, my parents had been away a couple days and on their return, came to see us at the pool.  I don’t remember this, but apparently I saw them, ran up to touch their hands through the chain link fence, and went back to swimming.  Guess I needed a touch point.

My first trip to Haiti was in 2002.  We were gone for ten days and at that time communication in and outside was very limited.  Before we flew out of the country, we stayed at a guest house and decided to call home.  If I remember correctly, the call was about 3 minutes and cost around $100.  But what I remember most, is that it was really emotional to touch base with home.  It took me by surprise, but obviously I needed a touch point.

There are other times I’ve needed touch points:

To navigate relationship troubles.
To ask questions about this new baby who came without an instruction manual.
To get perspective on a new job opportunity.
To run theological questions by my dad.
To ask mom for book selections (or how to make meatloaf).
To get time away with your spouse.
To reconnect with family.
To sit down with a good friend.

It seems my touch points happen less often, but I appreciate them more.

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