Through the Grate

In my grandparent’s farmhouse was a metal grate in the floor of an upstairs bedroom.   The only heat for the bedroom came from the kitchen directly below. One of our favorite things was to listen to the conversation through the grate. What I remember is that it was mostly about food and if the topic got “interesting” we were shooed away and told to close the grate.

In the front parlor was where the real conversation would happen. My grandpa was very conservative politically and theologically. My dad leans to the other side of the spectrum. I don’t remember many details, but do remember it would get pretty toasty in that room from time to time.

But what I remember mostly is that conversation was important. Around the table grandpa always pulled out his Bible, had a short devotion and a prayer. Discussion was encouraged and part of the flow of every meal and family gathering.

Even though there was an old yellow & green TV with the screen about the size of a Kindle, I don’t remember it being on very much. While I love technology, there is something about a face-to-face conversation. Or an ear-to-grate conversation.

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