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My work takes me to Nashville, two or three times a year. Near the hotel where I usually stay is a nice walking path. It surrounds a golf course, goes through a wooded area, and crosses a meandering creek. When it is nice out, there are a number of people out walking or biking on this trail.

So occasionally, I play the game of “Your Life.” As people pass me, I guess their life. Because it is Nashville, I often guess their life must be related to music.

  • Pretty sure she came from a small farm in Montana, currently a waitress at Denny’s, but waiting for her big break in country music.
  • He’s on his phone lining up the next big tour and is an agent for the next big thing.
  • He plays banjo on street corners.
  • Dark glasses and ball cap pulled low, it’s probably Taylor Swift. Probably.

I wonder what people would say about my image?

In reading, I came across the phrase Imago Dei – Image of God. It refers to the relationship of God and humans. That we are different than animals, that God has plans for us and can be realized through us. We can live out the goodness of God through our lives.

This past week I had some skin cancer removed from my nose. It is basal cell cancer, which means it won’t spread, but it does grow and needs to be removed. The cancer went deeper than expected and I ended up with a 1 ½ inch incision to close the wound. It’s pretty nasty and not in a good way. So I’ve been thinking about my image.

While my wound will heal, it will take some time and my nose likely won’t look the same. Honestly, it has made me not want to go out and not interact with others. I wonder what people will think about my image. I am fully aware that many others live with permanent and life-threatening issues, which shrinks my temporary inconvenience.

On this Good Friday, I’m trying to focus on Imago Dei, the image that God has for us all. To renew and strengthen our faith, our resolve, and belief in goodness and in hope. To know that God wants good things for all of us – Montana farm girls, agents, banjo players, Taylor Swift, and even nose-scarred me.



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