Baseball Reflects Life

People have said I tend to over-think things.  OK, it was my wife.
Have also been asked why I like baseball so much.  Ok, that was my wife too.

So to confirm I over-think things, here is why I think baseball reflects life:

  • Even the best hitters in baseball are average.  Hall of Fame player FAIL seven out of ten times at bat.  So we can fail and fail and fail and still be great.
  • It is an individual game and a team game.  In baseball (or in life) it takes individuals to perform well, but we can’t win or succeed without others and working together.
  • Unlike most other sports, it takes a long grind to get to the top.  Very few go right to the major leagues.  Most spend years working, succeeding, and failing in the minor leagues before they get to the “show.”  People who work their way through the system have a better perspective than those who didn’t have to labor a bit along the way.
  • There’s no timeframe in baseball.  Sometimes it rains and life ends early, sometimes it goes into extra innings.
  • Sometimes you just have to react.  A baseball player has less than a half of a second to react to a pitch. Occasionally you just have to make a quick decision and live with the decision.
  • From time to time you get free stuff when you go to a game.  Sometimes you get undeserved grace when you go through life.
  • Most players have specific skills.  An outfielder can’t come in to play 2nd base well.  So while most of us can do a variety of things, we are skilled only in a few areas.
  • There’s a little bit of danger.  I’ve seen people get smoked by baseballs during a game.  What’s life without a little risk?  (and it helps if you pay attention a bit)
  • Be unique, like each ballpark.
  • Spend time outside and eat a hot dog every once in a while.


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