Jan to June 2016

Hot Coal Wisdom

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When our son was almost two years old, we were camping and he spent the day picking up rocks.  He picked up one near the campfire that actually turned out to be a coal.  It was a painful lesson for our son.  And for us. There are lessons that only can be learned by going […]

July to December 2015

Baseball Reflects Life

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People have said I tend to over-think things.  OK, it was my wife. Have also been asked why I like baseball so much.  Ok, that was my wife too. So to confirm I over-think things, here is why I think baseball reflects life: Even the best hitters in baseball are average.  Hall of Fame player […]

Oct Nov Dec 2014

Watermelon Glass Experiences

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A number of years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Colorado. We saw some glasses in a shop that had watermelons imprinted completely around the glass.  We bought them as a nice reminder of our trip and for years we simply called them the watermelon glasses. One summer day I asked my […]

July Aug Sept 2014

Canoe Trip

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When we were middle school age, somehow dad finagled a canoe trip in northern Minnesota for my older brother, dad, and me.  He bought caps that were green, blue, and red with big white polka dots.  Not sure if dad was making a fashion statement or he didn’t want to lose us on the lakes. […]