Be Decent Today

As a child, I was pretty heavy. I remember tipping the scale at 100 lbs in 4th grade. It led to being made fun of and some name-calling. Know this may surprise someone, but calling them “Fatso” doesn’t help to make them skinnier.

We had a Physical Education program called “Go You Chicken Fat Go.” Ya, that was a self-esteem booster. Honestly, I was pretty lucky as I figured out ways to deal with the insults and was pretty good at pretending it didn’t bother me.

It makes me sad that our President feels it is okay to insult others. It makes me sad that people hurl continual insults at our President. It makes me even sadder that many in our country think insulting others is acceptable.

I realize that I’m old and I grew up in a small town, but we’ve lost some basic decency. We have lived in a long cul-de-sac for three years, yet we have people that won’t wave or recognize us as we pass. Technology has allowed us to be more anonymous and that makes abuse too easy. We have everything so we don’t need others. We’ve become less civil to people that are different or don’t do things the way we do (think about driving in traffic).

It would be harder to be a kid today. The bullying isn’t confined to the school yard or the park – it continues electronically. That doesn’t leave safe spaces for our children.

So just be decent today. And tomorrow.

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