Cry Baby

It’s hard for me to admit this but I’ve turned into a cry baby.  Part of it has been from living long enough to have some real, deep hurts but my emotions have snuck up to the surface.  And occasionally they leak out.

Maybe it has changed a little, but crying is gender biased.  We tell boys to suck it up, which we do.  It’s not the best thing to cry in a locker room or group of guys, so you stuff things away deep inside.  Unfortunately for some, the emotions come out in unhealthy ways.

For me, I simply can’t stand to see others in pain or suffering.   The list of TV shows that I cannot watch has grown.  Take out all the criminal shows, which is about half of what’s on television.  The news often gets me.  I just can’t watch anything where other people get hurt in some way.  On the flip side, people doing good for others gets me going.

Some of my international experiences have been an influence.  Surviving the raising of your children and having grandchildren has an effect.  Being of the age that I care less is a factor.  Losing close friends and making it through difficult life situations is an influence.  But I outflow tears more easily.  There is sometimes an ocular seepage.  Ok, I can be a cry baby.

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  1. There’s nothing like a good old “cry”. Thanks for sharing your feelings and your faith.

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