July to Dec 2017

Wishing Well

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We played co-ed volleyball with three other couples and all our children are boys. So naturally our team was named Boys-R-Us. While our families have transitioned and we don’t all live in the same community, we’ve maintained our friendship. It started very innocently. A friend put a metal wishing well on a rummage sale. As […]

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Cry Baby

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It’s hard for me to admit this but I’ve turned into a cry baby.  Part of it has been from living long enough to have some real, deep hurts but my emotions have snuck up to the surface.  And occasionally they leak out. Maybe it has changed a little, but crying is gender biased.  We […]

April, May, June 2014

Thinking Back, Not Way Back

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It hit me the other day, many of my blog posts are from my childhood and none have been from the experiences of our own children.  I think there are three reasons.  One, I’m old so my memory skips from back to way back.  Two, I’m still traumatized by their teenage and college years.  Three, […]