Discovering Wonder

I came upon an advertisement that promoted a waterfall excursion in northeast Minnesota. Basically from Duluth to the Canadian border or if you know the shape of the state, we went up to the top, right tip. A highway borders Lake Superior and along the way there are many places to see waterfalls.

We asked another couple if they wanted to come along and we discovered some amazing waterfalls. What we didn’t realize fully, is that there would be some significant hiking involved. And that hiking would involve unclear paths, rocky ledges, significant drops and climbs to find some of these falls. The first waterfall we explored was advertised as a .1 mile hike but was actually a 1.1 mile hike.

What also surprised us most, these are significant waterfalls. The largest, along the Canadian border drops 125 feet. The falls are also different in their shapes, sizes, and cascades. We went to seven different falls and the last one was our least favorite, because it was the easiest to walk to and full of people. Over the course of a couple days, we discovered wonder.

Discovering wonder is often a surprise. Like waterfalls we didn’t even know existed, wonder is near when we simply look for it.

Discovering wonder sometimes takes effort. The easiest things in life tend to be the mundane. A bit of difficultly increases the impact of wonder.

Discovering wonder is significant. Discovering wonder is beautiful. Discovering wonder comes in different ways for different people.

Discovering wonder sometimes comes in the quiet places, away from others and from noise and busyness.

Discovering wonder is something to share with people you enjoy.

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