I think I’ve found my purpose in life.
I’m the O negative, the universal blood type.
I’m the milk toast.
I am folding clothes or vacuuming.
I’m the stunt double.
I’m the police artist sketch.
I am the world’s doppelganger.

It happened again this week.  I was walking through a parking lot and a guy in a car stopped, rolled down his window, and began talking to me like we’ve been best friends since elementary school.

It has happened to me so OFTEN that someone thinks they know me. I must have the plain look of a human being. I’m the random white dude match.

For years people have greeted me or said howdy or begun talking to me like we’re buddies. I’m the vanilla ice cream of human creatures.

So I’ve just decided to embrace it.
That I’m someone you know.
Even if you don’t really know me, you know me.
I am the world’s doppelganger.

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