Since this Friday’s post is on Halloween Day, I was thinking about memorable Halloweens.

As a kid in a small town in South Dakota, we’d start early and get more candy than a human should consume in a year. I remember one night the bag was so full it ripped and spilled onto the street.   I remember getting apples that we threw away – what kid wants something healthy?  I remember getting a nickel.  Also remember UNICEF cartons for collecting money was big for a while.

One Halloween when our kids were elementary age it snowed at least 10 inches. They were so excited about putting boots and snowsuits over their costumes and getting out there.  We literally trudged to about 4 houses and the people knew they wouldn’t have many visitors so they filled up the kid’s bags.

When my oldest son was in middle school he decided he wanted to hand out candy one year. We had a flat roof over our front steps.  When children would ring the doorbell, he’d lower a plastic pumpkin on a rope with candy for the group.  The reactions were priceless.  My son never said a word, just counted the kids and raised/lowered the pumpkin all night.

One night the “Blues Brothers” showed up at our door, with a sign, “Need food and beverage.” They never said a word, walked into our house, and started going through our refrigerator and shelves.  I had no idea who they were as they were wearing rubber masks.  When it got to the point I was a bit freaked out, they took off their masks and had we a good laugh.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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