In Two Words

There was a monastery and one of the requirements of this religious order was that the young men must maintain silence. Opportunities to speak were scheduled once every two years, at which time they were allowed to speak only two words.

A young monk completed his first two years of training and was invited by his superior to make his first two-word presentation. “Food terrible,” he said. Two years later the invitation was once again extended. The young man used this forum to exclaim, “Bed lumpy.” Arriving at his superior’s office two years later he proclaimed, “I quit.” The superior looked at this young brother and said, “You know, it doesn’t surprise me a bit. All you’ve done since you arrived here is complain, complain, complain.”

What would your two-year, two-word presentation be?
How would you summarize your stages of life?

Here might be some of mine:
Clueless kid
Watch out
She’s cute
What the
I’m tired
New jobs
Good friends
Thank you
Who me?
Oh my
Please God
Now what?

So what might be some of yours?

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