Living Backwards

For some reason, I’ve been putting my clothes on backwards. I showed up for a meeting with my boss and she said, “Hey, I think your sweater is on backwards.”  I spent half a day feeling like something wasn’t right and found out my t-shirt was on backwards.  Went to the gym this morning and put my hand in my shorts pocket. It felt weird. Probably because my shorts were on backwards.

I’m going to blame it on being dark in the morning and lots of things going on in my life and brain. You’re going to say, the dude is old and starting to lose it.

I have a friend who is living through some financial difficulties due to decisions he made post-divorce. He’s a bright person, involved in the money world, but is living backwards. Paying the price of those decisions and wishing he’d made better choices.

When we spend time with our grandkids, it makes me feel like we weren’t always as patient or didn’t influence our own kids in the best ways. It’s easy to live backwards and second guess our interactions and choices, because we are removed from the grind of parenting.

There have been a couple employment situations that were trying and have been second-guessing whether I should have persevered through those difficulties. Living backwards thinking mostly how it may have impacted our retirement or financial status.

But in the end, we can only turn the sweater around and live forward. We can only turn around the t-shirt and feel more comfortable in the reality of our decisions and choices. We can only turn our shorts around, because they look stupid on backwards.

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