Trips Us Up

When we go on our trips to Haiti, there are often steps. Steps to the second level of our guest house. Steps to the second level of our school. Steps in the entryway to a building.

Because construction is not as exacting, it is common that the steps are different heights. Even though in very slight amounts, there is height variation in the steps.

It doesn’t seem like a big thing, does it?

It’s often hard to see the discrepancy in the steps. But the steps that are just marginally higher, just a marginally bigger step – trip you up. You begin to think about and look more closely at the steps.

We don’t think about our steps here. We know they’ll be uniform and consistent. If the steps in Haiti were HUGELY different, we’d see the difference and we’d adjust. But it’s the little things that trip us up.

It’s our kids who know just the right buttons to push.

It’s the small habits of our partners that irritate us.

It’s the repeated questions of coworkers or customers that set us off.

It’s the monotony of our jobs or lives that bugs us.

It’s the nagging physical or health issues that weigh us down.

Not always, but sometimes we deal better with the big things, than the small annoyances. They trip us up.

It’s also hard to see. It wasn’t the actual event that triggered a big reaction. It was the tiny aggravations that we let build up. Let’s look at the steps of our lives more closely. Before it trips us up again.

One thought on “Trips Us Up

  1. Yes… exactly what trips us up. And accumulated over time or with more frequency… We’re like a ticking time bomb. Best to diffuse ourselves before that happens. Wine and chocolate come to mind….. 😁😍

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