Look Down

A memorable sermon for me was given years ago by Rev. Dr. Ed Coates, where he talked about how a funeral had become routine.  He went through the motions of the preparation, the funeral service, and burial as if he was just going through the motions. Rev. Coates then reflected on the service and came to the awareness what a rare privilege it is to commit someone to God. That a funeral service is anything but routine and he continually needed to remind himself what an honor he is bestowed as a pastor to perform funerals and other rituals.

How many other things have simply become routine?

  • Family gatherings – forgetting how special it is when family can congregate
  • Work – when it feels like it’s just a way to pass a day
  • Friends – which is a relationship that cannot be replaced
  • What would be added to your list?

This past month I have been traveling a lot so my schedule has been hectic.  Last weekend we were in the Los Angeles area for an event and walking to a meeting, a palm branch was laying on the sidewalk. It reminded me that it was Palm Sunday and it felt like the beginning of Easter week was just another year, just another routine.

I’m pretty sure that Easter should not be mundane. But how do we remind ourselves that Easter week is a privilege? How do we prompt ourselves that it’s not just another ritual?

Look down, right in front of you – there’s a palm branch on the sidewalk.  Even if you have to move the snow, it’s there. It’s to remind us not to just go through the motions again this Easter

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