Not Always What They Seem

My sister had an Easy-Bake Oven that could make miniature cakes.  It was the coolest invention ever.  Small silver cake pans were placed on a rack, pushed into the oven, and in a matter of minutes there was a cake.  It could be decorated with icing, but my preference was taking it out of the pan and eating the whole thing.

One day I wanted to know how the oven worked.  Did it have a heating coil like a regular oven or was there some unique cooking element?  It was a stinking light bulb.  The cakes never seemed as cool.

When our son was in about 1st or 2nd Grade there were rumors going around school that Santa wasn’t real.  He was really struggling with this and said he needed to talk to me, “Dad, I really need to know – is Santa real.” I thought about it a bit and said, “No buddy, he’s not real.  Mom and I put out the presents.”  He looked at me, gave me a face of resignation and said, “There’s no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy either, is there?”

Guess we all learn that things in life are not always what they seem.

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