Pancakes and Snowy Days

When I was a kid I had a Sunday paper route which, for the most part, I really enjoyed. I liked walking around in the quiet morning before most people were awake.  But one of my fondest memories was on really cold, snowy days dad would pick up my brother and me and we’d go out for breakfast at a local café.  I’d always start with hot chocolate and then follow with a stack of pancakes.

Sunday morning was not a particularly great time for dad to go out for breakfast.  He was a minister.  It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t convenient, but he’d take the time for an early breakfast – and it was a special time with dad.  I doubt it’s the only reason, but I still like cold, snowy days and I certainly like pancakes and hot chocolate.

We have a stretch of family birthdays this time of year and Christmas will soon be upon us, so I was thinking about gifts. Isn’t the greatest gift one can give is some of our time?

We all get too busy trying to balance and organize the time in our lives. It seems as the days get shorter in available time.  It isn’t always easy and it isn’t always convenient – but that’s what makes the gift of spending time more valuable.

If we think back or ask our children what they remember or have enjoyed the most, I doubt that many items on that list will be presents or things. They will likely be relationships or special moments with family or “gifts” of time.

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