A number of years ago I was washing our van. I was cleaning the windows and on the edge of one of the back windows there was a small spot of yellow paint. Our oldest son was on a basketball team that went to the State Tournament and our windows were decorated by the cheerleaders. It was a prompt to remember enjoyable times with families and kids we don’t see much anymore.

I went to a luncheon meeting at the rooftop restaurant which was the reception area for our son’s wedding. It was a prompt. It was a beautiful reception and a lot of fun. One of the biggest arguments they had was whether or not to have seat covers at the reception. His wife won. Of course.

Walking through a store I saw a plastic turtle. It was a prompt for our youngest son who went through a tortoise/turtle stage. We had living and lifelike looking creatures that filled his bedroom.

There’s another kind of prompt that I’m really trying to listen and respond to. When someone comes to mind I try to send them a text or email that I was thinking about or praying for them. More often than not, I’ve gotten a response that something was going on in their lives. Not sure how all that works, but I’ve been trying to respond to the prompt.

I tend to be early for appointments or meetings. Guess that means I’m prompt.

So there are some different prompts in our lives.

2 thoughts on “Prompts

  1. This is so weird that you posted this as just last week I had a co-worker from 15 years ago come to mind, so I wrote to him. He wrote back that he has been battling stage 4 cancer and so appreciated my note. WHAT PROMPTED THAT???? God does work in mysterious ways.

  2. I believe the next great area of the faith to understand how to more fully access and participate in is the world of Holy Spirit. I believe somehow prayer will be a vital part of it. There is a lot of wild and crazy stuff associated with the spirit world, Some of my most meaningful moments have been in the area of which you and Dianne speak.

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