Seasons of Our Lives

I was visiting with an elderly friend and asked if they were headed south again this winter. She said, “That was a great season of our life, but we aren’t able to go any longer.” It got me thinking about the seasons of our lives.

Season of Innocence – for most of us our childhoods were times of exploring and unawareness of the world. While growing up has its challenges it is most often a season of Innocence.

Our teenage and college years tend to be the Season of Learning & Stupidity.

Then for many it was the Season of Diamonds. We and our friends met partners and we attended more weddings than any other social event.

Then we entered the Season of Children or more appropriately the Season of What the Heck Have We Done to Our Lives.

This is followed by the Season of Jobs and Relationships. We spend our lives navigating our careers and how they intersect with others in our lives.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have the Season of Grandchildren, which is the one of the redeeming factors to the Season of What the Heck Have We Done to Our Lives.

Then we begin the Season of Loss and peeking into the Season of What’s Next?

So we all go through these seasons and many more.

What is the season of your personality?  I asked my wife this question – if you could pick a season, which one would most closely match you?  Then we went to the descriptions at and after three tries, we got summer.


·        Positive

o   Friendly

o   Curious

o   Smiles often

o   Good humor

o   Witty

o   Good at conversation

o   Optimistic

o   Empathetic

·        Negative

o   Manipulative

o   Undecided

o   Speaks without thinking

o   Fails to plan ahead

o   Too talkative

o   Too many projects at once

o   Rarely finishes projects


·        Positive

o   Speaks Quietly

o   Listens Carefully

o   Gentleness

o   Understanding

o   Diplomatic

o   Dependable

o   Easy Going

o   Efficient


o   Slow to accept new ideas

o   Makes friends slowly

o   stubborn

o   slow worker

o   Withholds friendship

o   Gets tied up in the details


·        Positive

o   Makes quick decisions

o   Dependable

o   Energetic

o   Willing to work

o   Loyal

o   True to a cause

o   Confident

o   Plans ahead

·        Negative

o   Disagreeable

o   Wants to do it their way

o   Stubborn

o   Easily irritated

o   Hurts other’s feelings

o   Takes over in group situations


·        Positive

o   Loyal to friends and family

o   Natural poise

o   Good listener

o   Truthful

o   Sensitive

o   Creative

o   Perfectionist

o   Committed

·        Negative

o   Somewhat self-centered

o   Worries what others think of them

o   Worries about everything

o   Moody

o   Lacks confidence

o   Neglects friends

o   Pessimistic

o   Expects perfection from all


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