Sugar Cookie Solutions

I’ve always loved sugar cookies. Simple sugar cookies.
I like black coffee. Don’t need sugar or mocha or words that include frappe or chino.
My clothes aren’t flashy. Just ask my daughters-in-law and kids.
Prefer my windows down instead of air conditioning. Don’t believe in car starters.
I can watch waves roll in or enjoy a rainfall or appreciate a sunset, for a long time.
I’m a pretty simple, sugar cookie guy.

Unfortunately, most things in life aren’t sugar cookies.
Our raging gun violence isn’t solved simply.
Poverty is multi-faceted and generational and not solved easily.
While we’ve made incredible advances in health care, conditions remain with no answers.
People make mistakes and the implications may scatter beyond the mistake maker.
There are people who seem to endure “whack-a-mole” lives – when one problem is solved, another emerges.

Today, I’m tired of simple solutions.
I’m tired of directives that have no consideration for others.
I’m weary of advice that contemplates no alternative answers.
I’m sad that we care more about being right than thoughtful.
I’m exhausted by sugar cookie solutions to chocolate-chip, oatmeal, toffee, raisin, coconut, walnut, sprinkle cookie problems.

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