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I Had a Dream

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I had a dream. Almost exactly ten years ago. Followed by another dream and another. That we would get a young orphan man, who also had a dream, through medical school so he could be a doctor. Then to send some money to Haiti to help kids go to school, feed some elderly people and […]

Jan to June 2017


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I attended a meeting in Chicago and we had an evening meal with a local church that has seen its neighborhood change.  Like many congregations, the choices are adapt or fail.  This small congregation has decided to embrace refugee and immigrant families and reformat its future. After sharing a meal together, families from different continents […]

Jan to June 2016


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I have the spiritual gift of skepticism. Now it’s not all bad.  It served me well as a middle school principal. When dealing with discipline situations, I found it was good to be a bit skeptical.  You have to see the truth interwoven through stories and perspectives. And that’s just the parents. Awhile back, I […]

July Aug Sept 2014

Living a Dream

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This week William Hyppolite is visiting us in the U.S.  Some of you know his story, but think it is worth telling. In 2008, missionaries Shirley and Joe Edgerton introduced our mission team to a student named William Hyppolite on the island of LaGonave, Haiti. They believed William had great potential.  He was an orphan, […]