Hot Coal Wisdom

When our son was almost two years old, we were camping and he spent the day picking up rocks.  He picked up one near the campfire that actually turned out to be a coal.  It was a painful lesson for our son.  And for us.

There are lessons that only can be learned by going through experiences.  Here’s some of my hot coal wisdom:

  • We all have one short life, fill it.
  • In five years, whatever you’re going through will look different.
  • Don’t compare your life to your neighbor. They may have nicer things and messed up priorities.
  • Work hard to set up an emergency fund for life’s unexpected bird droppings.
  • As you get older, all things will hurt more. Not only your body.
  • If someone comes to mind, pray for them. Then call them or send them a note.
  • There are times that life will simply be boring.
  • Be a good friend.
  • Travel as often as you can to as many different places as you can.
  • Forgive
  • Sometimes miracles happen, sometimes they don’t.
  • It’s hard to see a sunset inside your house.
  • Laugh
  • Every stage of life has its blessings, enjoy each phase.
  • You already have enough.
  • Two year olds don’t know the difference between rocks and coals.

2 thoughts on “Hot Coal Wisdom

  1. This list ought to be printed on a poster, and a wallet card, and a refrigerator magnet, so it could be read often!

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