Parsonage Parables


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I realize this will not come as a shocking revelation to those that know me, but I’m weird. Today’s example is related to my patience level. I am incredibly patient with many things. For one, my grandkids. I have almost unlimited patience with them. With friends, I have nothing but time. When we travel to […]

July to Dec 2017

Scarier Places

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I am traveling quite a bit for my job. In fact, in one year I will have been to Maine, Florida, California, and Alaska. And a bunch of places in-between. So I think I can speak with a bit of authority about scary situations. It’s probably not what you think. Not dark alleys. Not gangs […]

July to December 2015

Good Service is a Treat

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For my last jobs I have travelled quite a bit.  What I’ve noticed is that good service and attention is a treat – and an exception.  When checking into a hotel or being waited on for food or for any service an organization provides, here’s my list of things to think about: Your focus is […]